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Two words for this site: convenience and variety. If you have a passion for porn but you are away from your desktop (or laptop) for most of the time, consider this porn site. Choose themes ranging from undies to lesbian all the way to femdom, and enjoy it via any portable equipment (well, most of them anyway).

The site holds no less than 250 DVD titles, and taking into account that each has about 5 scenes, then this translates to more or less 1,250 vids. A vid runs on the average about half an hour. It is not the five thousand bragged by the Tour page, but it’s fine by me when I go on my out-of-town trip OR- (this is better), it’s fine by me when I am forced to be hospitalized for a full week. They are MP4s, but on the tiny screen, I find them ok.

Regarding updates, I did not find any mechanism in the site telling us how many additions and how frequent. My best guess is that the site adds something at least once a week. Not bad, but if they do it on a daily basis, I think more regular patrons would be coming their way. They do not have any bonus sites, which is no big deal to me. However, it is safe to say that some people would be put out by that absence.

They have the promo shots (front/back of DVD cover) plus the trailer vid- it should give you a good hint on what to anticipate. Searching could be done via studios, categories or by performers. The site has its own contents, but a great deal is not exclusive, but hey, it is to be expected. This is often seen from DVD-oriented adult sites.

What then is my bottom line? As far as this genre is concerned, the site has nothing earth-shattering. Good thing that there is no major shortcoming either- so, putting your money for membership is not a bad thought. After all, this site holds a great deal of promise from what I’ve seen.

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