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This adult site has been tailor-made particularly for the mobile phone addicts. Aren’t you getting tired of being tied to your desktop in order to view some hot sex? Thanks to 21st century technology, you could now do it wherever you may be. Set your connection speed, regardless if you are using WiFi, Edge network, 3g. It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and many other devices.

The pages are bluish-gray and I immediately liked it. Unlike other sites, it does not "blind" the visitor/member. What you’ll find is about a dozen pictures (slightly bigger than a thumbnail) of beautiful chicks in varying poses. Assuming that each talent only has one representation, then the site has (by far) a stable of 245 hotties. Most of them are in the age range of 20 to 30, and boy, they come from all parts of the globe. You can choose from ebonies (just a few), Americans (a lot of them), Asians (a good number), and I think I saw a few Russians gracing the pages. You can also choose from black-haired, brown-haired, blondes, redhead, etc. Variety indeed is a major strength of this site.

On the Members Main page, I went to models and clicked on Hayley. She only has 2 featured photos where she was attired in sexy lingerie. I clicked on the clip- it was just a teaser, a clip that runs for half a minute. The loading is good (fast) and the quality is most definitely exceptional.

The gallery of pictures for members are bigger (150X200), so, it’s more fun ogling them. By the way, navigation is hassle-free. I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced navigating a porn site which was so disorganized that moving from one place to another was like pulling teeth. Anyway, back to the pictures- when you go to an individual model’s page, you’ll find at the left side three stats. You’ll learn how many views she has received, the number of vids, and her number of photos. I went into "Lily’s" page, and clicked on "View bio". Incredible- it was a blank page. What happened, did she get amnesia and she forgot her personal data? I tried it out with other girls, same thing. Oh well, don’t force what you cannot find.

They have this search box at the upper right hand corner, well, what can I say? It needs improvement, the site‘s managers need to tinker with it some more. I tried typing "pussy", but no pussy appeared. (However, this gorgeous blonde with magnificent hooters magically appeared on my monitor).

I clicked on the Help to see what I would discover. Here’s one which could be crucial info for you: for your device, technical support could be had from either iPhone Manual or the AT&T support (they have clickables).

I will definitely not consider this as hardcore material, but the site does have its merits. Still and all, they have leaks to plug- if they want to be a major contender in the game.

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